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Of Moose and Men
By Lou Stant

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Immaculate in dress and wealthy in stature, Elliot Teagartin has traded in his life as an urban celebrity for the ethos of the Northern Wilderness. Whether by luck or through some kind of inner charm, Teagartin has managed to traverse the wilds, while unknowingly being pursued. Private investigator Sam Crowfeather, still unsure of why he was hired, is propelled into the back country in search of Teagartin. Outlandish rumors of wild animals behaving like humans loom over the trail. Meanwhile, the moose are confounded by the appearance of this odd biped, and resort to safety in numbers. In a strange odyssey of dark consequence, Sam becomes entangled in a wild-moose-chase to determine the credibility of the tabloid reports, and to discern the true identity of Elliot Teagartin. In the process he also finds himself.