Performance schedule:

1. 10/8/16 - Mizfits, Season's Lounge, Nashville IN, 9-12

2, 10/29/16 - Mizfits, Season's Lounge, 9-12

3. 2/18/17 - Mizfits, Brown County Inn, Nashville IN, 8:30-11:30

4. 3/4/17 Mizfits, Big Woods,Nashville IN, 7:30-9

5. 3/28/17, Solo, Pine Room, Nashville IN, 7-9

6. 4/2/17, Mizfits, Soup Bowl Benefit at Season's Conference Center, Nashville IN, 5-7

7. 4/18/17, Solo, Pine Room, 7-9

8. 4/25/17, Solo, Pine Room, 7-9

9. 5/16/17, Solo, Pine Room, 7-9

10. 5/22/17, Solo, Pine Room, 7-9

11. 6/6/17, Solo, Pine Room, 8-10

12. 6/29/17, Solo, Pine Room, 8-10

13. 7/8/17, Solo, Brozinni's Pizzeria, Nashville, IN (2 blocks west of courthouse on Main) 7-9

14. 7/11/17, Solo, Trailhead Pizzeria (Bloomington area - S.R. 446 toward Monroe Reservoir) 5-8

15. 7/25/17, Solo, Pine Room, 8-10

16. 8/2/17, Solo, Trailhead Pizza, 5-8

17. 8/7/17, Solo, Pine Room, 8-10

18. 8/21/17, Solo, Pine Room, 8-10

19. 8/26/17, Solo, Brozinni's, 7-9

20. 9/25/17, Solo, Pine Room, 8-10

21. 10/7/17, Solo, Brozinni's, 7-9

22. 10/16/17, Solo, Pine Room, 8-10

23. 10/25/17, Solo, Trailhead Pizza, 5-8


     Lou Stant was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1954 and grew up in Indiana and overseas in Japan and Korea in a musical family in which he was exposed primarily to classical, jazz and folk traditions. Being inspired, however, by the Beatles, as well as other 60’s rock and folk artists, he began playing guitar at the age of 12 and writing songs during the early 70’s.

     His first exposure to audiences was in 1982 as part of a string ensemble that played periodically at the Hummingbird Café in Indianapolis, where public performances of his original music first occurred. Following his first two recordings, released on cassette during the 80’s, Lou embarked in 1991 upon a five year stint in a blues rock band in Indianapolis, and then moved to Southern Indiana in 1996, where he has been performing as a solo artist up to the present. In 2000 he completed work on his first CD, “Out of the Blue”, with famed musician Grey Larsen as producer. In April of 2005 he released, “Enough about Me”, produced by his long-standing friend and fellow musician Grover Parido. The tasteful original acoustic arrangements on “Out of the Blue”, “Enough about Me,” and subsequent releases, are accompanied by thought-provoking original lyrics, at times interspersed with humor, and subtle historical and spiritual commentary, which often tell stories about people facing difficult, unpredictable, and comical situations and circumstances. His most recent release in 2012 is “Alien Landscape". Soon to be released is his most recent collection of original songs, tentatively entitled, "Pilgrimage".

     Since 2005, Lou has used his guitar and vocal talents as part of the The Mizfits, with fellow band members Mel Chance (clarinet and sax) and Steve Mara (bass). The Mizfits released a self-titled album in July 2007. Mara has since been replaced by a succession of bass players, Andy Hartman, Dennis Huntington, and the current bassist, Curt Moore.

     Lou’s musical style could be best expressed as ‘folk which often has a blues or jazz feel’. He currently resides near Nashville, Indiana, with his spouse, Miriam. Working previously as an advocate for individuals with chronic mental illness and developmental disability, and later with troubled youth, have been strong influences in Lou’s songwriting.